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The paradox of our age is that as we become more digitally connected, we crave greater emotional connection. People are tired of being sold, they want vulnerability. To truly grow in our digital world, you need to be honest and real. No matter how fast our wifi or how detailed our screens, people buy from those they know, like, and trust.

So get to know us, and we’ll help the world get to know you.

Veteran owned.

Veteran Owned Small Business

We operate from fear.

The fear of falling short.
Of not being our best.
Of letting people down.

It’s this fear that keeps us focused, hungry. If a decade in the U.S. Army taught me anything, it’s that you need to be prepared for anything. Murphy’s Law is real, and the only thing that separates failure and success is training.

At Best Side Story Media, I believe in training my people to be independent thinkers and operators. No amount of PACE planning can cover every eventuality, so competency and adaptability are critical to our mission. We espouse the doctrine of the U.S. Special Forces: nimble, cross-trained teams who focus on prevention rather than correction.

Like my most respected team leader and mentor said, “Bravery isn’t the absence of fear, but command over it.”

We operate from fear. And we are braver, and better, for it.

Arturo Ferreira

Owner & Creative Director

I believe in the power of stories because I’ve lived so many.

I grew up a voracious reader and avid gamer, losing myself for days in painstakingly created worlds. When I was old enough, I joined the U.S. Army and found myself wearing a sergeant’s stripes by 20, jumping out of perfectly good airplanes at Airborne school, and fighting exhaustion during a grueling 24 days at Special Forces Assessment and Selection. I found my way to college, where I earned a degree in Psychology while working two full time jobs. I survived a failed engagement, a demoralizing move back into my parents’ house, and the passing of my mom. But I found love, worked at a relationship, and was blessed with an unbelievable partner and three children.

And though my story is unique, it is not special. There’s an entire world of stories waiting to be told. We’re just the team to do it.

Arturo Ferreira // Creative Director

Sophie Lyle // Head of Production

Sophie Lyle

Head Producer

I love making cool stuff. That’s it. I love being creative. I’ve always drawn, and time I spend learning new creative skills feels like a vacation. There’s not a learning curve that I can’t handle, which is why I got into media. Studying Media Arts & Design, and focusing on writing, at JMU taught me that projects live and die by the plan. I insist that all of our project’s preproduction be flawless and repetitive. I learned the hard way in my early years in the business, but that culminated in my Regional Emmy for Fly Away Kate.

Luis Carlos Hernandez Rivas


I’ve always loved films and comics, and for as long as I remember I wanted to be part of their creation. The power of story is something that’s very near to me. I was born and grew up in Venezuela, and so I watched how a story used for evil turned around a beautiful country. So I went to study at the New York Film Academy, majoring in screenwriting and filmmaking, so I could tell the stories I wanted. I believe everyone has one good idea. I believe I know mine. And I believe I’m going to work my ass off to make it real.

Luis Hernandez // Cinematographer

Amir Shahbazi // Lead Editor

Amir Shahbazi

Chief Editor

I take it to heart that I walk between two worlds. Born in the U.S., I’m the child of Iranian immigrants who fled the revolution. My parents have always worked in government and policy, helping disabled people or refugees, so I carry their gratitude and drive for opportunity. I studied Media Arts & Design with a concentration in digital video, where I learned how to make movie post-production magic. I am most proud of the Regional Emmy I won for my film, Fly Away Kate. If I’m not editing, I’m wandering nature.

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